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Impact of traffic flow, adjacencies and endcap design on sales in frozen food department

VM benchmarked performance of the ten most shopped Frozen categories, examining critical metrics like exposure, shopper conversion and cross-purchasing behavior. It was able to offer a cross-store comparison that ...

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Effective aisle design and merchandising is key for optimizing conversion

VideoMining’s data suggested areas for improving shoppers’ abilities to “See” and “Scan” the Cookies & Crackers category. Particularly of interest was the use of traffic heatmaps, which use color coding to illustrate areas of high and low traffic throughout the shopping process

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Monitoring In-store Behavior Trends
Shopping behaviors have been changing quite rapidly— driven by a multitude of factors related to health, lifestyles, seasonality, the economy, technology and delivery options. Both manufacturers and retailers need agility to quickly adapt their strategies and match to changing needs.
Optimizing Display Location Using Behavior Analytics
The assignment of display locations to specific promotions should be data driven; Without data-backed research, manufacturers are just guessing about which location is optimal for their display, and retailers are just guessing ...
Bringing the Shopper into the Category Reset Process
Category resets are a huge investment for grocery retailers, estimated to cost roughly $750M annually. Retailers must constantly execute resets due to manufacturers continually evolving their product offerings to meet the needs of shoppers.


Retail Media ROI through Behavioral Research

With the rapid evolution of omni-channel retailing for CPGs and the meteoric rise of Retail Media Networks – ...

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Behavior Labs for Continuous Innovation at Retail

A “lab” is a place to discover new facts and test new ideas. Behavior Labs from VideoMining (VM) are designed ...

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Year-over-Year Loss in C-store Traffic

Q3 2022 saw the third consecutive quarter of year-over-year loss in shopper traffic for the c-store channel. ...

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