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The Intersection of Computer and Behavioral Science

VideoMining’s role as the leading AI-powered shopper behavioral science firm fittingly began in an Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory directed by Dr. Rajeev Sharma at Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Sharma’s lab, which was dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies within AI, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Advanced Human-Computer Interfaces, effectively laid the groundwork for the modern practice of computer vision, which allows computers to recognize and track human action and understand and assess human behavior through advanced data modeling.

Sharma's pioneering research led to multiple prestigious grants and patented applications, with recognition and partnerships with the Department of Defense, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the United States Army, the National Science Foundation, and numerous Fortune 100 Companies. The resulting discoveries have fueled innovation in machine learning and human behavior analysis for well over a decade.


The Retail Revolution

Sharma's technological discovery uncovered a new dimension of shopper behavior science, which would use AI to capture and analyze billions of micro-moments along the path to purchase in-store. This innovative approach would eliminate the blind spots present in conventional retail data models, and provide full visibility into the retail experience and resulting shopper behaviors in brick-and-mortar stores.

In 2008, Sharma founded VideoMining, with the intent of commercializing and developing his technologies to close the gap in shopper behavior analytics, revolutionizing in-store market research for retail and the CPG industries.

At its inception, VideoMining introduced the concept of “mining” micro-moments and empirical behavior data at scale through AI, offering detailed visibility into the nuanced shopping experience and behavioral trends throughout the in-store journey.

Since then, VideoMining has become a trusted in-store market research provider and expert in applied shopper behavioral science, serving the leading retail chains and CPG companies in the United States in their quest to make smarter business decisions fueled by empirical data.

Today, VideoMining holds the most extensive patent portfolio for AI technologies applied to in-store behavior analytics and related marketing applications and continues to serve the industry as the leading pioneer in the field of AI-powered behavioral research.


VideoMining By The Numbers

  • Patents Rewarded
  • Proprietary AI behaviour sensors deployed in US stores
    K +
    Proprietary AI behavior,
    sensors deployed in US stores
  • Communities improved
    Degree visibility
    to in-store behaviors
  • Data processed
    TB +
    Data processed
    every hour
  • store trips
    B +
    Store trips
    captured annually
  • Category deep
    Category deep
    dives completed
  • In store stimuli elements
    K +
    Elements of environmental
    stimulus observed for each store
  • Individual
    K +
    SKUs tracked
  • CPG projects executed
    CPG projects
  • Behavioral micro - moments
    K +
    Behavioral micro-moments
    observed per trip
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