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The VideoMining Advantage

VideoMining pioneers behavioral insights for winning in-store through a proprietary Behavior Sensing Technology™ and Al-Powered Data Decoding System.

We own and operate a nationwide Behavior Panel™ in partnership with leading chain retailers to provide ongoing fact-based industry and shopper trends, along with a network of Behavior Labs™ for accelerating innovation through testing and learning in real stores with real shopper input.

From Lab to Legacy

VideoMining originated from an AI Research Laboratory directed by Dr. Rajeev Sharma.

His pioneering work in AI, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Advanced Human-Computer Interfaces laid the groundwork for modern computer vision, enabling computers to comprehend and assess human behavior through data modeling.

continued innovation
Continued Innovation

With over a decade of experience pioneering innovative applications for decoding behavioral science in retail settings, we have over 50 Patents issued to date.

VideoMining holds the most extensive patent portfolio for Al tech applied to in- store behavior analytics and related marketing application.


sharp focus
Sharp Focus

For 15 years, we've been focused on building, testing, and perfecting machine learning algorithms designed specifically for retail settings and observing shopper behavior.

To date, over 10,000 proprietary Al sensors have been placed in stores across the U.S., and over 800 CPG research projects have been completed.


VideoMining’s Winning Approach to Shopper Behavior Science

Fact-Based, Definitive Results
We measure consumer behavior directly, obtaining fact-based insights that are organic, raw, and completely authentic.
Big Picture
Track the effects of various stimuli on shopper behavior in the full context of the store environment to build a comprehensive understanding.
Connect the Dots
Analyze environmental factors to promote the discovery of unexpected connections between in-store elements and shopper behavior.
Proprietary AI Sensors installed in U.S. retail stores
CPG Projects Executed
Our AI-Powered Platform Analyzes Over 20,000 Micro-Moments for Each Individual Shopper Journey
Fact-Based, Definitive Results
VideoMining's unique observational research approach results in direct measurements, and organic, fact-based insights.
Recognition and Visual Processing
We track over 10,000 visual processing cues to distinguish which elements shoppers visually process and engage with and what they physically interact with at the shelf.
The Cornerstone of the Experience
Our patented machine learning algorithms understand and process human sentiment to contextualize behaviors and score the shopping experience.
Behavioral Scientists argue that the buying decision moment is 80% emotional, and 20% rational.
Behavioral Science Is Key to Retail Growth Strategy:
people do what they do?
they behave in certain situations?
influences their decisions and actions?

Unleash Empowered Decisions with Revolutionized Shopper Behavior Insights