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Front End Engagement Influenced By Group Attributes

Front End Engagement Influenced By Group Attributes

A recent VideoMining behavioral study looked closely at detailed characteristics that impact a grocery shopper’s probability of making a front end purchase.  This research examined precise attributes such as total time spent waiting in line, time of day, day of week, checkout lane type, demographics, basket inclusions, and more.  Such insights help retailers and CPG manufacturers understand shopper behavior at a deeper level, and apply those learnings to ensure the right assortment, promotions, and displays are rising to the top. 

To bring this important context and dimension to the path to purchase narrative, VideoMining looks beyond the traffic stats of the front end, and looks deeper at the attributes of the shopper that lead to various layers of front end merchandise engagement leading up to a sale:  

  • Glance Shoppers: how many people actually looked at front end merchandise. 
  • Active Shoppers: how many people actively engaged with a front end category, either by picking up a product, or engaging visually for an extended amount of time. 
  • Front End Buyers: how many people made a purchase of a product merchandised in the front end. 

These metrics tell us solo shoppers are 30% more likely to become Glance Shoppers in the front end versus those traveling in a group of other adults.  Unsurprisingly, we also noticed that shoppers accompanied by children were the least likely of all to glance and/or actively shop the front end.  In an interesting twist, those shoppers with kids in tow who bought something from the front end spent 25% more than those on a kid-free shopping trip.  As anyone who has ever grocery shopped with children will tell you: distractions are high, and the price is never cheap.   

How could this knowledge transform the way you think about marketing tactics in the front end of grocery?  Reach out to to discover ways to unlock impulse opportunities for your category.