Innovate rapidly with a robust capability to measure and analyze shopper’s path-to-purchase
Access actionable insights and recommendations impacting across CPG functions
shopper tracker
Shopper Insights Tracker
Ongoing visibility into shopper behavior and trends to continually adapt your strategy for your channel, category, and brand.
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shopper tracker
Display Optimization
Fact-based principles to optimize location and various attributes of secondary displays to maximize its value.
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Category Fundamentals
A foundational understanding of the current shopping process at the primary shelf to identify opportunities to improve performance.
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In-store Testing
Understand the ‘real world’ shopper response to any specific marketing or merchandising innovation.
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custome research
Custom Research
Designed to address a specific set of objectives or customized deeper dive into any aspect of retail or a shopper segment.
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syndicated data
Syndicated Data
Receive timely shopper data and insights across the path-to-purchase collected from VM’s extensive network of grocery and convenience store panels.
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Syndicated In-Store Shopper Panel
Quantifies key shopper attributes including demographics, behavioral, and transactional
Industry's largest in-store shopper panel, in partnership with leading Grocery and C-store retailers Tracks over 1.5 billion Store Trips
  • Massive Dataset
  • Advanced Sensing and AI
  • Unbiased and Comprehensive
  • On Demand
  • Deeper Shopper Insights
  • Tracks over 1.5 billion shopping trips across grocery and c-store channels
  • Collects longitudinal data over space and time covering a large population
  • Proprietary technologies (60 patents) for capturing and interpreting in-store behavior
  • IoT Sensors with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Capturing “Big Data” on In-Store Behavior
  • Provides a 360-degree view of shopper behavior — integrates complementary data including POS, Loyalty Card and Planogram
  • Offers multimodal (Vision/WiFi/BT), non-obtrusive observations of real shoppers
  • Provides advanced tools and dashboards to power insights when needed
  • Updates data each month and offers weekly granularity
  • Store-wide, with full path-to-purchase coverage
  • Insights not available from traditional panel or transaction data.
Custom Anywhere — expanded coverage across CPG channels with strong retailer relationships
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For Retailers
Experience a unique, definitive advantage with shopper behavior data – fact-based insights to adapt and respond to rapidly transforming shopper or retail environment.
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Client stories
Channel coverage
VM’s panel provides unobtrusive coverage of 1.2 billion grocery store trips and 300 million convenience store trips. This collected in-store behavior data is supported by custom research options and analytics using VM’s proprietary tools and processes.
Why VideoMining is essential
Brands need in-store data and actionable insights to optimize their marketing and merchandising strategies and keep up with the ever-changing, versatile shopper behavior
Research shows that approximately 70% of purchase decisions in stores are made at the shelf. While there are plenty of options to learn about consumer preferences, loyalty, propensity to buy, and other consumer habits, there is little data to analyze the factors that may affect customers' purchase decisions while inside the store. VideoMining addresses this gap between pre and post-sales insights and develops solutions to enable CPG and retail brands to make informed decisions across the shoppers’ path-to-purchase.
VideoMining platform
What clients say
Navigate challenges in shopper and retail landscapes with ongoing, fact-based insights

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