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The Female Factor: Focusing on Women Key to Boosting Front End Revenue

The final moments leading to a completed checkout transaction can make a significant difference in the growth of the grocery shopper's basket. To capitalize on this opportunity, it is essential to take a closer look at the demographics and associated behaviors of shoppers. By segmenting shopper demographics and behavioral trends, you can gain valuable insights to help design a front end strategy that will engage shoppers and drive increased impulse basket additions during the 11th hour of the in-store trip.

VideoMining's most recent Front End MegaStudy (analyzing behavioral data for 1.2 billion checkouts in Grocery stores) shows that female shoppers are 41% more likely to become front end buyers and have a 21% higher dollar ring for front end basket additions than male shoppers. This knowledge can influence your front end assortment and merchandising strategy in several ways.

You can start by asking questions that bring context and clarity to this insight, such as which lane types are most frequented by different demographic groups, how dayparts influence their impulsivity, which trip missions you should speak to with your at-shelf messaging, and which promotions and bundle offers have the strongest "stopping power" and conversion rate.

By answering these questions, you can tailor your front end assortment and merchandising strategy to maximize the potential for increased basket size and dollar spend during the final moments of the shopping trip. Ultimately, understanding the demographics and behaviors of your shoppers is essential to delivering actionable strategies that can help grow your business.

Unlocking Behavioral Insights: The Power of In-Store Observational Research

Observational research through in-store testing can provide invaluable insights to drive store productivity and enable trade and shopper marketing teams to create effective in-store campaigns that resonate with shoppers in their moment of truth.

At VideoMining, we are dedicated to unlocking such insights through AI-powered observational research, which analyzes shoppers' actual actions and behaviors using a vast sample size (often in hundreds of millions of store visits). Rather than relying on self-reported data, we focus on raw and authentic evidence to provide a unique, fact-based perspective.

Are you curious about what behavioral insights can do for your business? Contact us at to find out.