Workshop: Forecourt A Marketing Vehicle with Unlimited Potential

During this session, we will share data insights related to how to various consumer segments engage and utilize the forecourt. After identifying various segments, we will explore how the different consumer groups interface and engage with product, promotion, payment and security.

About CRU

Customer loyalty is as good as gold. Unfortunately, obtaining customer loyalty can appear daunting to the c-store retailer. The pursuit of a loyal customer is not for the faint of heart; banking on future revenue is a cultural investment in serving others and requires a lot of energy to do well. However, armed with customer intelligence and a deep understanding of how customers interact with their store products and brands, c-store marketers can create loyalty programs which transcend the transaction.

How are you building customer loyalty?

How can you quantify your lifetime customer value?

How can you create engaged, brand-dedicated customers?

Learn tricks of the trade to win shopper loyalty and increase profits at CRU 2013.