VideoMining to Discuss Shopper Marketing ROI at the Shopper Marketing Fusion Conference

The increasing focus on shopper marketing and the need for creating better shopping experiences has made it imperative for both retailers and manufacturers to measure and “prove” the ROI of any new marketing/merchandising concept. Breakthrough in-store measurement technologies now make it possible to quantify how shoppers respond to different marketing stimuli. This creates a platform not only for establishing the ROI of shopper marketing but also for maximizing its impact through a comprehensive understanding of the in-store decision process.

Learn from specific examples of how breakthrough in-store measurement and analytics technologies can be exploited to:

  • Develop effective shopper marketing strategies with quantitative understanding of decision-drivers for target segments.
  • Rapidly test innovative shopper marketing concepts with full visibility into its impact at retail.
  • Track performance metrics that provide a deeper understanding of the response to specific campaigns.