VideoMining Offers Cost-Effective Bundled In-Store Measurement Service

VideoMining is pleased to introduce its new bundled research service that combines VideoMining’s proprietary automated video measurement platform with in-store shopper intercepts. The bundled service offers a cost-effective approach for consumer product manufacturers and retailers to understand both quantitative and qualitative aspects of in-store shopper behavior.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma, founder and CEO of VideoMining Corporation, said, “Combining VideoMining’s quantitative in-store shopper insights with intercept interviews helps in designing better questionnaires that focus on the key attitudinal information. This guarantees that the research program provides a consistent 360-degree picture by merging the quantitative and qualitative understanding of the in-store shopper behavior.”

VideoMining is able to perform attitudinal in-store intercept research nationwide through a series of professional partnerships, while maintaining control of the important aspects of research design.

The in-store intercept research data is integrated with data from the complementary VideoMining automated measurement platform that best matches the project duration. Short-term projects utilize VideoMining Express, a quickly deployable platform that places cameras in-store for 2-7 days. Projects lasting longer than one week employ either VideoMining Probe, which is utilized for projects lasting a few weeks to a few months, or VideoMining Panel, VideoMining’s ongoing research platform.

The result of combining data from the in-store intercepts and VideoMining’s in-store automated measurement platform provides consumer product manufacturers and retailers a complete understanding of in-store shopper decisions.

About VideoMining Corporation

VideoMining Corporation is a leading provider of shopper intelligence and solutions for retailers and consumer product manufacturers. VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store technologies and analytics form a scalable measurement platform that delivers precise metrics on shopper response at every retail touchpoint. These metrics provide unprecedented visibility into the shopping process, helping to optimize shopper marketing and merchandising. Headquartered in State College, PA, VideoMining operates globally through a network of partners.

For more Information, contact:
Ms. Priya Baboo, VP Shopper Insights