VideoMining Launches New Syndicated Shopper Insights Programs for Dollar Store and Warehouse Club Channels

VideoMining Corp., the leading provider of in-store intelligence for retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers, has announced the launch of their new Dollar Store and Warehouse Club Shopper Insights Programs.

The studies are VideoMining’s first phase of research in these channels that are increasingly popular with today’s shoppers. Both programs will include data collected through online surveys to provide insights and analysis into the attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making patterns of recent Dollar Store and Warehouse Club shoppers.

“While these new programs will provide actionable shopper insights for our clients, these channel specific offerings will grow in the near future to combine an integrated understanding of the motivations of shoppers with quantitative measurements of their in-store behaviors, provided by VideoMining’s patented video technology,” said Jeff Friedlaender, President of Shopper Research at VideoMining.

In keeping with VideoMining’s highly regarded work in the Grocery and Convenience channels, shopper data in Dollar and Warehouse Club will be presented at the store-wide level and segmented into frequently shopped categories, shopper types, and other cells deemed of importance. This approach provides a holistic understanding of shopper trends across the entire outlet and, by maintaining a focus on key store categories, allows for easy comparisons across channels.

“The new programs are part of our expanded portfolio of products that will soon include ongoing attitudinal and behavioral insights across multiple channels – Convenience, Grocery, Dollar, Warehouse Club and Mass – for a 360° view of the retail landscape,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder and CEO of VideoMining.

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