VideoMining Express Offers Rapid In-store Data Collection

VideoMining Corporation introduces its newest product offering, VideoMining Express. VideoMining Express utilizes VideoMining’s patented technology to turn in-store video of shopper actions into quantitative data in a near instantly deployable, all-inclusive package for short term data collection projects of 1 to 7 days. With this product, consumer product manufacturers and retailers are provided the opportunity to quickly learn how shoppers actually shop instead of how they say they shop.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma, president and CEO of VideoMining Corporation, said of the product, “VideoMining Express offers companies a cost-effective way to measure shopper response in single or multiple locations over a short time period of 1 to 7 days. This is our version of the NASCAR pit stop. We provide all of the same services as in our longer term products, but in a condensed time period.”

VideoMining Express offers a cost-effective, time-saving approach to test and refine marketing and merchandising strategies. Deployment and data collection is built into a simple all-inclusive pay-by-day plan and, because the units are self-contained, they can be quickly installed by VideoMining’s nationwide team of associate contractors to begin collecting data within a few short weeks of project signing. This product also offers the ability to collect data from multiple stores simultaneously and requires low operational needs from retailers. VideoMining Express greatly improves the opportunity for retail success through fast and accurate data collection in live stores.

About VideoMining Corporation

VideoMining Corporation is a leading provider of shopper intelligence and solutions for retailers and consumer product manufacturers. VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store technologies and analytics form a scalable measurement platform that delivers precise metrics on shopper response at every retail touchpoint. These metrics provide unprecedented visibility into the shopping process, helping to optimize shopper marketing and merchandising. Headquartered in State College, PA, VideoMining operates globally through a network of partners.

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Ms. Priya Baboo, VP Shopper Insights