VideoMining Develops Technology for Measuring Emotional Response of Shoppers to Products at the Shelf

VideoMining Corporation announced that their R&D group has developed a technology for measuring the emotional response of shoppers to products at the shelf.

This new technology uses automatic facial expression as well as behavior analysis to rate the emotional response and interest of shoppers for a particular product. The automated methodology also includes the analysis of shopper interaction with adjacent, competing products. It utilizes a proprietary “video analytics” software suite for tracking shopping behavior, gaze, and detailed facial expression.

“This technology has many powerful applications, such as quantifying the strength of a brand at retail and rapidly testing the appeal of a new product or packaging,” said Namsoon Jung, VP of Innovation and Research. “It provides a way for brand marketers to objectively measure the emotional response of their target audience in a real-world setting without interfering with their behavior. This overcomes the shortcomings of subjective, survey-based research methods employed currently.”

“This development is particularly important since it adds the rich dimension of emotion to our in-store measurement capabilities,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining. “We are excited by the potential of this technology in helping our clients understand the emotional response of shoppers to their products in order to better communicate with them.”

VideoMining is filing for several new U.S. patents for this invention.

About VideoMining Corporation

VideoMining is the leader of in-store measurement services for retailers, consumer brands, and marketing agencies. The company’s mission is to help its clients quantify, understand, and improve shopper interactions at every retail touch point.

VideoMining’s powerful measurement platform is based on patented, proprietary software for converting in-store video into rich data on shopper behavior and demographics. Headquartered in State College, PA, VideoMining has a growing international presence through a network of partners, affording marketers The power to see more™.

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