The New Metrics of Shopper Marketing: Understanding the Impact on In-Store Decisions

The LEAD Marketing Conference is produced by the Shopper Technology Institute, the industry’s only trade organization focused on technologies and solutions that engage and motivate shoppers,analyze their behavior, and enable trading partners to improve their operations.

The primary members are solution providers in the areas of loyalty, engagement, analytics and digital applications, as well as providers of research and insights.The associate members are manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and academics. The Institute aims to create awareness of established and emerging shopper technologies and practices for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. It achieves those goals by publishing newsletters (the bi-monthly ShopperTech Update) and books (The Essentials of Shopper Technology, published in September 2012), conducting research, hosting share groups, providing education through webinars and webcasts, connecting with the industry through social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and staging the annual LEAD Marketing Conference. This collaborative event consists of cutting-edge presentations, an exhibit of the latest services and solutions, and the LEADER Awards which recognize excellence in the areas of loyalty, engagement, analytics and digital applications.

In sum, the Institute is a one-stop clearinghouse for trends and developments in shopper technology as well as a forum for thought leadership and an advocate for best practices.