Seventh Annual C-Store MegaStudy Adds New Retailers, Analytics

October 2, 2015

VideoMining Corp., the leading provider of in-store behavior analytics, announced the launch of its seventh annual Convenience Shopper Insights (CSI) MegaStudy. The tracking program leverages collaboration with major C-store retailers across the country to deliver an unmatched perspective into the actual behavior of convenience store shoppers.

The yearly channel-specific program generates data and insights from a massive sample of C-store trips and provides a wealth of reports ranging from store-wide and category benchmarks to deep dives into hot button areas like Forecourt, Foodservice, Hispanics and Millennials.

This year’s CSI program features a 40% expansion of its retailer footprint with Chevron, Shell and Rutter’s joining existing retailers: Circle K, Cumberland Farms, Maverik, am/pm, Thornton’s, RaceTrac, Holiday Station and GetGo. Several analytics features also have been added, including a deeper look into key trip drivers such as varying levels of foodservice, a multi-year trend analysis, the role of mobile phone usage and impact of beer caves. The additions reflect VideoMining’s commitment to industry trends and response to partner feedback.

The program is powered by VideoMining’s proprietary in-store analytics platform, which uses multiple sensing technologies to deliver a scalable way to understand the behaviors of millions of shoppers. Behavior insights are integrated with basket data and attitudinal learnings from shopper intercepts to provide a complete 360-degree view of the shopper landscape for C-store.

In previous years, the MegaStudy has provided retailers and manufacturers with unique insights and actionable feedback on their shoppers, and has substantially impacted how they approach the channel.

“For retailers, a key advantage is the ability to benchmark vs. the panel to see how well their stores are performing and uncover opportunities to improve store layouts, merchandising and operational efficiency,” said Rajeev Sharma, Executive Chairman & Founder of VideoMining. “Our manufacturer clients have leveraged the insights to refine strategies across a wide range of areas – from tailoring product positioning to reflect changing need states by day-part to gaining a more complete understanding of consumer decision trees (CDTs) or designing new display concepts.”

Coinciding with the announcement of the 2015 program, Convenience Store and Fuel News released its exclusive coverage of the 2014 MegaStudy results. The article, available at, details the key findings from last year’s study providing rich infographics and expert commentary. It includes testimonials from both retailers and suppliers on how the CSI program has provided value and helped them refine their in-store strategies. Several case studies from participants in the program, such as Pepsi, Hershey, Tyson Foods, am/pm also have been presented at industry conferences and covered by trade publications.

For more information about the CSI MegaStudy, client case studies or their full range of shopper analytics solutions, contact VideoMining at or 800.898.9950 x114.