VideoMining Reveals Shopper Behavior in Nationwide Study of Warehouse Clubs

VideoMining Corp., the leading provider of in-store behavior analytics, outlines shopper behavior in a new nationwide study of Warehouse Clubs.

Among the many findings of interest, the study revealed that nearly two of three club shoppers visit the channel at least once every two weeks. Warehouse Clubs have often been considered a specialty destination for shoppers, designed for occasional large-scale pantry stocking. But findings such as this demonstrate clearly that Warehouse Clubs have become an integral part of the regular shopping process for members.

The nationwide survey of Warehouse Club shoppers is part of VideoMining’s Warehouse Club Shopper Insights (WSI) program. The information is available in both a detailed report and through VM Connect, VideoMining’s new interactive, cloud-based tool. The study provides a comprehensive look at shopper behaviors and highlights areas for growth across the channel, including key retailers such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s.

“This year’s study uncovered many fascinating insights about the Warehouse Club shopper,” said Jeff Friedlaender, VideoMining’s President of Shopper Research. “These shoppers are very active and enthusiastic about this class-of-trade, and were excited to share their experiences.”

The study demonstrated that shoppers often are not satisfied with just one club, as nearly one quarter (23%) had memberships with only one retailer. Roughly half of shoppers polled said they don’t believe all Warehouse Clubs are the same, helping to explain why so many joined multiple clubs.

Regular Consumer Memberships are the most common membership type among those surveyed, at 60% of all shoppers surveyed. Even among those with had Business Memberships, however, personal shopping was still predominant. Business members estimated 70% of their purchases were for personal use.

The report marks VideoMining’s initial industry-wide offering of its WSI program. It ultimately is expected to feature a nationwide, behavioral MegaStudy of millions of in-store shoppers, using VideoMining’s patented in-store video technology. VideoMining provides custom testing of channel shoppers upon request, which can be combined with findings from the study for a complete view of channel shoppers.

For highlights from the WSI study, consult WSI at a Glance, our one-page summary of findings from the study. For additional information on the report or to order, please contact Jeff Friedlaender at or (914) 468-0808.