Heinz to co-present with VideoMining at Shopper Insights Conference

Heinz to co-present with VideoMining at Shopper Insights Conference

This presentation will focus on new shopper metrics that provide valuable guidance for optimizing every retail touch point. These metrics provide a systematic framework to improve parameters, such as exposure, engagement and conversion, by optimizing market execution that resonates well with the changing needs of consumers. Breakthrough video analytics technologies provide the ability to continuously track and monitor these metrics in a scalable manner for achieving retail excellence.

About the conference

Always focused on the IN ACTION, Shopper Insights in Action 2012 is the world’s largest, most comprehensive shopper-focused event for retailers and consumer packaged goods executives who are passionate about increasing market share through shopper-centricity. With the blurring lines between the consumer and the shopper – this year’s theme focuses on the multi-channel, socially interwoven journey to purchase.

About IIR: Shopper Insights in Action (SIA)

The most comprehensive event where champion retailers, esteemed brands & industry powerhouses unite to share their breakthrough research practices and actionable case studies for turning insights into winning strategies at retail. Shopper Insights in Action(SIA) will enable your organization to develop and apply differentiating insights across the business. Determine how to harmonize and integrate both internal and external data to support key analyses and decision-making; how to drive superior analytics across the whole enterprise; how to overcome the challenges of insufficient and inaccurate data; and how to become an insight-driven organization by embedding analytics into business processes. SIA is made possible through IIR.

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