Heat Mapping The Shoppers’ Journey

The average time the shopper spends in a convenience store is short. Would you believe only 1.68 minutes? Retailers must be innovative and disruptive in order to capture the mission-driven shopper’s attention. A pioneer in automated human behavior analysis and its application to market research, Dr. Sharma helps us visualize the shopper’s journey in a typical convenience store visit and suggests how best to influence purchase.

About CRU

Customer loyalty is as good as gold. Unfortunately, obtaining customer loyalty can appear daunting to the c-store retailer. The pursuit of a loyal customer is not for the faint of heart; banking on future revenue is a cultural investment in serving others and requires a lot of energy to do well. However, armed with customer intelligence and a deep understanding of how customers interact with their store products and brands, c-store marketers can create loyalty programs which transcend the transaction.

How are you building customer loyalty?

How can you quantify your lifetime customer value?

How can you create engaged, brand-dedicated customers?

Learn tricks of the trade to win shopper loyalty and increase profits at CRU 2013.