Giant Food Stores to co-present with VideoMining at In-Store Marketing Expo

Giant Food Stores to co-present with VideoMining at In-Store Marketing Expo

Leveraging the tremendous in-store opportunity to reach a wider consumer audience requires effectively connecting with them through marketing stimuli. This requires a comprehensive understanding of shopper responses to various in-store stimuli to identify the most appealing ones. Fortunately, cutting-edge technology companies are collaborating with retailers to employ automated in-store measurement technologies for obtaining greater visibility into in-store shopper responses. This provides manufacturers with an in-depth understanding of shopper behavior that is crucial for developing successful shopper-centric marketing strategies.

This talk will discuss how VideoMining, Giant Foods and several leading consumer brands are collaboratively employing automated in-store measurement technologies in real world shopper labs to:

  • transform shopper marketing by testing and validating concepts prior to nationwide rollout.
  • create a satisfying shopping experience that encourages repeat purchases and improves loyalty.
  • improve store, category and brand performance by identifying untapped opportunities.


About In-Store Marketing Expo

The world of retail is entering an era of profound change. The continued success and growth of retailing will depend on retailers and manufacturers working more closely together — not just for their benefit — but for the benefit of the consumer. The In-Store Marketing Expo provides the leadership and information the in-store marketing community needs. Executives attend the Expo looking for these solutions and inspiration.

The In-Store Marketing Expo is moving to Las Vegas on November 13 & 14, 2008. Taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Expo will feature a comprehensive seminar program led by the industry’s sharpest minds, an expansive exhibit hall packed with hundreds of top in-store suppliers and networking mega-events available nowhere else.