109 Syndicated Reports in Grocery Available from VideoMining

VideoMining is pleased to announce the availability of 109 syndicated category reports from wave 2 of its landmark Grocery Shopper Insights program. The reports provide unprecedented, actionable insights on how shoppers interact with each category in a grocery store by analyzing over 100,000 actual shopping trips.

The reports are generated as part of an ongoing collaborative in-store research program that also offers custom research and testing options. The program employs VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store measurement platform for converting video into statistical data on shopper behavior and demographic segments. The wave 2 study is more comprehensive and will build on the success of the wave 1 of the program that was completed in Fall 2007.

“Our clients who have participated in the program so far have experienced first hand the actionable nature of the insights that we were able to generate,” said Priya Baboo, VP of Shopper Insights of VideoMining. “Wave 1 helped us prove the significant advantage of quantitatively analyzing shopping behavior through our automated in-store platform.”

“We are very pleased with the results of our collaborative program and are excited by our ability to create a new level of understanding about grocery shoppers,” said Steve Treglia, VP of Business Development of VideoMining. “Based on the client feedback, we are actively creating similar programs for other retail channels.”