VideoMining Insights fuel Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s innovation for driving beverage-customer traffic in C-Stores

October 25, 2016

This article from CSP Daily News and Dr Pepper Snapple Group highlights innovative ideas to drive beverage customer traffic and the need to embrace variety in the cold vault section of c-stores. DPSG utilized VideoMining’s in-store behavior analytics to better measure and understand beverage shopper trips in C-Stores and leverages insights to drive innovation in cold vault layout with the goal of improving sales for noncola CSDs.

The convenience-store channel continues to grow, but not without its obstacles. A couple of trends are working against this growth in driving shopping occasions. Cars are becoming more fuel-efficient, meaning shoppers can go longer between stops, and today’s teenagers aren’t driving as much as they used to.

But despite those headwinds, beverage and food trips continue to increase. In fact, a Meyers convenience-store study last year found that 58% of c-store visitors said beverages and food are the primary reasons they make a trip to a c-store.

While there may not be an app that satisfies a shopper’s craving for a cold Dr Pepper, the past decade has brought a lot of change to our channel’s beverage business. Energy has grown from a niche part of nonalcohol beverages to the second-largest beverage category, and every year more than 1,000 new beverage products are launched in our channel (Nielsen FY 2013­­­-2015). One thing has remained constant: Carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) are king of the hill. Approximately 50% more single-serve CSD units have been sold year to date than were sold in the energy category, according to Nielsen data for the 52 weeks ending June 18, 2016.

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