VideoMining Develops IoT-Driven In-Store Behavior Analytics

Jul 16, 2015

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — VideoMining Corp., a leading provider of in-store behavior analytics, has announced the development of a new sensing platform called OmniSensr for retail environments. The integrated hardware package combines video, Wi-Fi and beacon technologies.

The new sensing platform is optimized specifically for anonymous shopper tracking and generation of deep behavior analytics–from store-wide tracking to detailed shelf-level interactions with demographic segmentation. All processing is carried out on-board in real time, eliminating the need for large, elaborate hardware in stores. Retailers can deploy the resulting solution in a scalable way in stores of any format.

Employing an Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture, the sensor’s outputs can be seamlessly integrated in a cloud environment with transaction data and other data sources (store map, product layout, promotions and more). Key advantages include the ability to provide repeat visitor analytics, more robust store-wide tracking compared to any single-technology-based approach, trip-type analysis and brand-level behavior analysis.

In addition to delivering a variety of shopper behavior analytics, the technology enables mobile location-based marketing solutions. This provides retailers and manufacturers with the ability to serve targeted content to shoppers at the point of decision in the form of promotions and relevant product information.

“VideoMining is committed to bringing the very best technology to the market. This development is another demonstration of our leadership in shopper analytics,” said Dr. Rajeev Sharma, founder and CEO of VideoMining. “We are very excited by the new applications enabled by our OmniSensr and look forward to working with our retail partners to roll out this powerful new sensing platform.”

Large-scale deployments start this fall, the State College, Pa.-based company said.

VideoMining employs patented software to convert in-store video into an understanding of shopper behavior and demographics, integrating those learnings with other key data sources to deliver comprehensive, actionable shopper behavior insights. Its Platform for Retail Optimization provides consumer product manufacturers and retailers the ability to measure shopper response at each retail touch point with automated in-store behavior analytics.

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