VideoMining CEO Presents at 2018 Tobacco Policy and Responsible Retailing Conference

VideoMining CEO Presents at 2018 Tobacco Policy and Responsible Retailing Conference

Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining, attended and presented at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) 2018 Tobacco Policy and Responsible Retailing Conference in Minneapolis. The conference was attended by a mix of Attorneys General from around the country as well as retailers and solution providers with the goal of sharing best practices to prevent the sale of tobacco products to underage buyers.

The conference included information on the role of retailers in the prevention of underage tobacco use, including opportunities and responsibilities with digital innovations in this area. Additionally, speakers presented on topics such as education and compliance around tobacco marketing at the point of sale.

Dr. Sharma’s presentation focused on an overview of VideoMining technology and some basic insights on shopper behavior in the c-store channel. VideoMining’s ShopperImpact platform is uniquely positioned to help retailers and agencies understand real youth tobacco buyer behavior.

VideoMining is in the process of conducting a detailed study of youth tobacco shopping behavior across the country, including variations across tobacco product segments. The VideoMining presentation yielded useful feedback to help guide the development of the upcoming study, which will answer questions such as:

  • How was the age verification process executed?
  • Did the cashier truly check an ID for age, or did they just give a cursory glance that could not possibly verify the age?
  • How did the validation process vary, especially for times when the store was busy?
  • Is there evidence of young shoppers taking advantage of such busy times when there is a crowd, knowing that the verification process may be lax?
  • What other products did young tobacco shoppers buy along with tobacco? Is there an identifiable pattern in their basket compared to other tobacco shoppers?
  • Is there an identifiable pattern of behavior at the checkout that would be useful to know?
  • Are there any “shoulder tapping” purchases identifiable to provide examples of how underage buyers may be taking the help of older shoppers to make tobacco purchases?

The goal of the study is to illuminate the real behaviors of young tobacco shoppers in real stores in order to develop best practices and training material for retailers and government to reduce the chances of illegal purchase of tobacco products.

This study is part of the C-Store ShopperImpact (CSI) MegaStudy, the industry-standard shopper behavior tracking program which utilizes video and WiFi sensors in order to help retailers and brands understand the behavior of real shoppers in real stores.

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