New Book <em>Digital Disruption in CPG & Retail</em> Features Contribution from VideoMining CEO

New Book Digital Disruption in CPG & Retail Features Contribution from VideoMining CEO

The latest publication from the Shopper Technology Institute focuses on how digital disruptors are changing the landscape of the CPG retail industry from a variety of angles. By understanding how technology can enable growth while also pressuring existing business models, CPG retailers and manufacturers can position themselves for continued success.

VideoMining’s CEO Dr. Rajeev Sharma contributed the chapter, “Transforming CPG Retail through In-Store Behavior Analytics,” which identifies the specific areas where brick-and-mortar retail has lagged online retail in shopper measurement and analytics. The chapter explains how using new technology for in-store behavior analytics addresses these gaps, providing a platform for transforming CPG retail across a range of functions for both trading partners.

Additionally, the chapter discusses how to develop actionable insights from big data to put the shopper at the center of CPG retail, including understanding where shoppers make decisions and tracking long-term trends in shopper behavior.

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