Hispanic C-Store Shopper MegaStudy™ Completed by VideoMining

VideoMining Corporation, the leading provider of in-store intelligence for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, announced the release of a report called Hispanic C-Store Shopper MegaStudy™. The report is part of a national syndicated program, C-Store Shopper Insights (CSI-2), by VideoMining in cooperation with 7-Eleven, AM/PM, Circle K, Sheetz and Cumberland Farms.

The study dissects the “path to purchase” of a large sample of Hispanic shoppers to develop an understanding of how they shop the convenience store compared to the overall population. Significant differences were discovered – both in how they navigate the store and in how they shop individual categories such as snacks, candy, beer or non-alcoholic beverages.

The report provides specific guidelines on how to use the insights to develop targeted shopper marketing and merchandising strategies.

The research employed VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store measurement technology to quantitatively analyze every moment of convenience store trips and transactions by over a millions C-store shoppers. Demographic segmentation software helped to create the unique data set for understanding the shopping patterns of Hispanic shoppers.

“Hispanic shoppers offer a significant growth opportunity for the convenience store channel,” said Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Founder and CEO of VideoMining. “This study provides foundational learnings to help develop targeted shopper marketing and merchandising strategies.”

Tom Sullivan, who recently joined VideoMining as president, added, “It is critical to develop an objective understanding of the path to purchase and moment of truth for each shopper segment to compete successfully at retail today. The Hispanic segment report is an example of how our technology platform can be the game-changer for shopper marketing,” said Sullivan, whose extensive career includes executive positions with Information Resources, Inc., the Nielsen Company and several consumer packaged goods companies.

About VideoMining Corporation

VideoMining Corporation is the leading provider of in-store intelligence for shopper marketing. The company’s actionable insights help retailers and consumer product manufacturers optimize their marketing and merchandising strategies. These insights are based on the company’s breakthrough in-store measurement technology that automatically converts video into precise statistical data on the shopping process. For more information: www.VideoMining.com