Hershey Enhances Category Management Process with Shopper Behavior Analytics: CPGmatters

July 17, 2017

This article from CPGmatters details how The Hershey Company and VideoMining have changed the game for a shopper-centered category management process, specifically for their c-store confection business. Additionally, the article covers the release of the new ShopperImpact@ Platform for retailer-specific, shopper-centric data.

Traditional category management is a product-focused process. The new category management, dubbed Catman 2.0 by the Category Management Association, is focused on the shopper first. CMA experts say that is the future of the process.

The Hershey Company understands the difference. That is why it is staking a claim to its place in that future by putting the shopper into its category management process via in-store behavior analytics.

‘We think this is game changing for the convenience channel,” said Alan Tobin, Senior Manager, Category Strategy & Insights, The Hershey Company. “It really changed the game for us for merchandising and advising the retailer in [the confection] category,” he said in a presentation at the CMA annual conference in Las Vegas recently.

Hershey’s technology partner for shopper behavior analytics is VideoMining Corp., with whom Hershey has worked for nine years.

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