Happy Holidays from your friends at VideoMining!

Happy Holidays from your friends at VideoMining!


‘Twas the week before Christmas,
And Santa was busy;

So much shopping to do,
It was making him dizzy;

When he went to the store,
He was met with delight;

Everything was in order,
Aisles laid out just right;

Promos, displays,
And endcaps galore;

The assortment was perfect—
“Wow, what a score!”

He shopped meal solutions,
Candy and even some treats…

A few crisp carrots
For his reindeer to eat;

And last before leaving,
Some aspirin he nabbed;

Prepared for the backache
He’d most certainly have;

Then he left with a smile
And whilst shaking his head;

“They must’ve used
VideoMining,” he said;

“My experience was great,
My spirits are bright;

Now, off to my sleigh
On this chilly night!”


Treat every shopper like Santa in 2018.
Harness the power of in-store behavior analytics.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.
The VideoMining Team

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