CSP: “2017 Heat-Map Study Defines Multiple Paths to Purchase”

VideoMining is featured by CSP News in a new article focusing on insights from the latest C-Store ShopperImpact MegaStudy.

This article features Derek Gaskins, Chief Customer Officer at Rutter’s Farm Stores, a VideoMining client, who has used VideoMining insights to better understand the makeup and behaviors of real shoppers at Rutter’s.

Through the course of using VideoMining technology—and all of its new capabilities—at Rutter’s stores for three years, Gaskins says the company has acted on a few key insights:

Rutter’s tinkered with better illumination of a high-traffic, central candy aisle by installing LED lighting.

The company used data to better line up promotional offers with customer purchase behavior and how they walked the stores.

One of the surprises was that people don’t just buy coffee to get their morning energy rush, Gaskins says—they also buy Mountain Dew and other caffeinated drinks. So Rutter’s started doing morning promotions based on a variety of energy options.

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