Convenience Store News: “VideoMining Launches C-store Tailored Analytics Solution”

April 6, 2017

CSN covers the release of the new c-store tailored ShopperImpact Platform, an industry tracking program that includes in-store behavior, loyalty, demographics and pump-to-store conversion.

“VideoMining’s CSI MegaStudy program has been growing in scope for nearly a decade and has become the industry standard for developing foundational insights and best practices for store design, merchandising and shopper marketing. The MegaStudy is based on the analysis of behaviors of tens of millions of shoppers each year.

“The ShopperImpact Platform expands on the CSI MegaStudy by enabling year-round measurement of in-store shopper behavior and characteristics for individual retailers. Additionally, the solutions enabled by the ShopperImpact Platform are delivered through a new, intuitive cloud-based interface.”

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