Amazon Enters VideoMining’s World: Improving the Shopper Experience with Amazon Go

Amazon Enters VideoMining’s World: Improving the Shopper Experience with Amazon Go

With all of the buzz around Amazon Go, Amazon’s new cashier-less store, it’s easy to miss a big takeaway as it relates to the future of retail. Beyond the obvious novelty of being able to shop independently and simply leave the store, what Amazon has really done is leverage technology to optimize an integral part of the shopping experience.

Using computer vision and machine learning technology similar to what VideoMining has been utilizing for more than a decade, Amazon has put yet another stake in the ground in their advance into brick-and-mortar retailing. While VideoMining applies patented technology to optimize the end-to-end in-store experience, impacting decisions in store design, marketing & merchandising and category management, Amazon has used its new store to test the feasibility of optimizing the checkout portion of a typical trip.

While it might not be practical for wide use in the near future, it’s an exciting step that highlights the ever-growing need to optimize the in-store experience to remain competitive as channels continue to blur toward one omnichannel marketplace. It also highlights the range of applications for technology in our stores and has elevated disciplines like AI, machine learning and computer vision to topics of everyday discussion.

It’ll be interesting to see how Amazon Go fares in real-life use, and we’ll be watching with excitement. In the meantime, VideoMining continues to bring CPGs and retailers in all key channels unique technology-enabled insights to improve the in-store experience for their shoppers.

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About VideoMining

VideoMining is the leader of in-store behavior analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. VideoMining’s deep analytics platform utilizes a patented suite of sensing technologies to capture in-depth shopper behavior data. These previously unmeasured insights are then integrated with multiple other data sources such as transaction, planograms, product mapping, loyalty and promotions to fuel comprehensive solutions for optimizing CPG Retail.

VideoMining’s client base includes a majority of the top 50 CPG retailers and manufacturers, who gain unprecedented visibility into in-store shopper behavior enabling them to get the most value from their investments in Shopper Marketing, Category Management and Brand Innovation.