11 More Big Ideas from CRU 2016

February 29, 2016

The insights from CSP’s Convenience Retailing University 2016 were an inspiration to all attendees to bring new ideas to their businesses. In a roundup from the conference, CSP listed 11 key takeaways for the c-store industry. Here is an excerpt from the roundup:

With all of CSP’s Convenience Retailing University 2016 behind us, the  revealed during the conference add up to a treasure trove of inspiration.

Here are 11 more trends and ideas to put to work in your business.

1. The Greening of the Pump

Consumers who pump Alon-branded fuel can also help plant a tree. The Dallas-based 7-Eleven licensee, Alon Brands, is expanding after an initial test with Atlanta-based GreenPrint to give customers a “sustainable” option at the pump: The Strive Reduced Emission Fuel Program is intended to reduce tailpipe emissions, and it plants trees in the local community.

2. What Kraft Heinz Means

Retailers wondering what the merger of two major food and beverage brands means, Kathleen Byrd, director of c-store foodservice for the recently merged Kraft Heinz Co., said the companies have integrated their sales forces, and soon they’ll be consolidating their trucks to deliver products from both brands.

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