Get to know the new

Welcome, everyone, to the new!

For many of us here, the launch of this newly redesigned website represents the culmination of months of planning and hard work, all designed to better communicate the many exciting things we’re working on here at VideoMining.

Our CEO and founder, Dr. Rajeev Sharma, will be discussing more about how the new website reflects our ongoing companywide initiatives in his blog post.  But I also wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to experience some of the new features the site has to offer.

As you’ve probably noticed, the new website offers far more content than our previous site. One area worth checking out is our new Clients section, which features multiple case studies that show how our work has impacted clients such as Hershey, Heinz, Pepsico, and more.

We also have dedicated a section of our new site to Solutions, in an effort to more closely tie our  revolutionary technology to its practical applications, such as Category Management, Brand Research, and testing new Innovations.

Of course, one of the biggest new additions to the site is what you’re looking at right now, our Blog.  The blog represents an opportunity for us to open a conversation about the world of shopper marketing, and where VideoMining’s in-store behavior measurement fits into that universe.

With our more active Social media presence (accessible at the bottom of this and every page), we encourage you to follow us, not just to stay informed with what we’re doing, but also to let us know how you think we’re doing, and what we could be doing better.

Anyway, that’s enough from me.  Enjoy the site!