VideoMining Frequently Asked Questions

VideoMining Frequently Asked Questions

Although VideoMining has provided insights to many of the top CPG retailers and manufacturers over the past decade, there are still some who don’t have firsthand experience with us or even the area of in-store analytics.

To help everyone get up to speed, we thought we’d address some of the frequently asked questions about VideoMining and our unique approach to better understanding shoppers.

Q: How does VideoMining’s In-Store Behavior Analytics work?

The VideoMining process has three key steps:

  1. Special sensors are installed and calibrated to gather video and other data in retail locations—often covering the full store.
  2. Technologies like computer vision, AI and machine learning are used to convert video and other inputs into big data on shopper behavior.
  3. Floorplan, planogram, sales and other complementary data is then integrated—resulting in a range of powerful metrics and insights about full-store journeys, aisle dynamics, category performance and display optimization.

Our technology, protected by 60 patents, can automatically track people, recognize behavior and provide demographic segmentation. These shopper behaviors and characteristics then are analyzed and packaged to help CPG manufacturers and retailers understand and leverage how shoppers interact with various in-store elements.

VideoMining’s Proprietary OmniSensR


Q: How is VideoMining different from other in-store research providers and methodologies?

We measure the unaided behaviors of real shoppers in real stores.

Methodologies that involve self-reporting, simulated or virtual reality shopping environments or requiring shoppers to recall information about previous experiences can lead to biased and/or unreliable results. Simply put, people behave differently when they know they’re being watched. It’s not always a conscious change—while sometimes people can adjust their behavior out embarrassment, most often it’s just that people will overthink choices that they would otherwise make subconsciously when they know they are being watched. The ShopperImpact platform avoids these complications by utilizing unobtrusive cameras to passively measure unaided shopper behavior.

Though they have challenges in some situations, VideoMining values traditional research methods and regularly employs surveys, interviews and other methodologies to complement our in-store behavior analytics.


Q: I already have detailed sales data. Isn’t that enough?

It depends on what questions you’re trying to answer. But in most cases, the simple answer is “no.” Consider the huge understanding gap that exists when you only have sales data.

1. Consumer data (surveys, virtual reality etc.) helps to understand propensity to buy, affinities, etc. before a shopping trip.

2. Sales and Loyalty card data are useful for assessing the end result—after the fact.

3. VideoMining’s focus is on measuring and understanding shoppers during their actual shopping trip.

The majority of current data sources are comprised of metrics related to before a shopping trip starts or after it’s over. By having a solid understanding of all three stages—before, during and after the trip—we gain a comprehensive understanding of shopper journeys and can apply holistic strategies. VideoMining is uniquely equipped to fill the In-store Information Gap with proprietary technology and over a decade of experience in CPG Retail.


Q: I want to target a particular shopper segment. Can you help with that?

VideoMining’s automated demographic segmentation and other segmentation capabilities enable analysis of a wide range of metrics by particular shopper groups.

Part of our technology portfolio supports the ability to automatically classify shoppers by certain demographic traits such as age and gender. Combined with our behavior data, this results in the powerful ability to see key metrics like conversion rates for specific target segments.


Q: What kinds of questions can VideoMining In-Store Behavior Analytics address?

VideoMining’s mission is to help CPG manufacturers and retailers understand, engage and convert shoppers. As such, our insights provide value across a wide variety of functions.

Our goal is to uncover previously unmeasurable insights on shopper behavior to enable fact-based decision making in key areas of CPG retail:

Shopper Marketing: VideoMining enables shopper marketing practitioners to directly measure shopper responses at the source—for all marketing and merchandising investments.

Category Management: By utilizing VideoMining’s fact-based insights, category managers can optimize category performance and display category leadership with retailers.

Store Design & Shopper Experience: Retailers that invest in improving the shopping experience earn loyalty. VideoMining helps retailers improve the shopper experience through the measurement of shoppers as they interact with in-store elements, helping retailers refine store design elements to create memorable experiences and repeat customers.

If you have any additional questions about VideoMining or the ShopperImpact platform, please contact us and we will be happy to help!