WHITEPAPER: Bringing the Shopper into the Category Reset Process

WHITEPAPER: Bringing the Shopper into the Category Reset Process

Category resets are a huge investment for grocery retailers, estimated to cost roughly $750M annually. Retailers must constantly execute resets due to manufacturers continually evolving their product offerings to meet the needs of shoppers. And both sides are interested in refining the presentation of a category in order to maximize its potential.

At its best, a new planogram can drive sales and shopper satisfaction, while a bad decision can harm the shopping experience and result in lower sales. The challenge is to improve the likelihood of planogram success as measured not just by sales but also by the shopper experience.

With so much money and labor being poured into category resets, retailers and manufacturers must work together to ensure that every new planogram yields positive results. The stakes are too high to execute a reset with an incomplete understanding of its impact on the shopper.

In this whitepaper, learn how to:

  1. Incorporate shopper behavior metrics into the category scorecard.
  2. Avoid relying on lagging metrics like sales data.
  3. Research and test planogram changes using shopper behavior metrics before rolling out.
  4. Aim for all category resets to improve the shopper experience.

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