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Beyond Beer Path-to-Purchase Study by VideoMining Designed to Re-imagine Alcoholic Beverage Retailing

Data from 3 billion Grocery and C-Store shopper trips analyzed for landmark study

State College, PA, January 27, 2021 - VideoMining Corporation, the leader of in-store behavior analytics for CPG retail, announces a new Path-to-Purchase study for “Beyond Beer’, designed to re-imagine alcoholic beverage retailing.

The study provides critical in-store shopper behavior data and insights, required to understand how the emerging new alcoholic beverages, collectively called “Beyond Beer” are shopped. The products covered include Hard Seltzers, Flavor Malt Liquors, Canned Wine and Cocktails, Hard Kombuchas, Hard Coffee, and Cheladas.

The past few years has seen a meteoric rise in the popularity of some of these Ready to Drink alcoholic beverages, especially hard seltzer led by brands like White Claw and Truly. Numerous competitive products have entered the market with multitude of flavors, functional benefits, package formats, and alcohol bases.

““With the breathtaking speed of innovation and growth in new alcoholic beverages, stores have simply not kept up with the changes needed to minimize shopper confusion,” stated Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining. “We are delighted to leverage our shopper insights platform to help reinvent the shopping experience for alcoholic beverages.”.

The study uses in-store behavior analytics to answer the most pertinent issues for enhancing the shoppability and improving the performance of total alcoholic beverage department. These questions include:

  • Should there be a separate “category” for Beyond Beer?

  • Where should the additional shelf space come from?

  • Where should it be located in relation to other alcoholic beverages?

  • How should the shelf be organized to make it easier to shop?

  • Where should secondary displays be located to be most effective?

Additional insights for each beverage segment includes shopper demographics, trip types, cross-purchasing and brand-level data and trends over the past two years. The study also analyzes Covid-19 impact and offers customizations to meet specific  business needs, including those from merchandising, marketing, product development and sales.

The study builds upon shopper behavior data from over 3 Billion store trips, powered by VideoMining’s AI-driven National panel of stores in Grocery and Convenience channels. The study will be available to participants in VideoMining’s Tracker programs in the two channels.

About VideoMining:

VideoMining (VM) provides in-store shopper behavior data and insights to CPG manufacturers and retailers, creating visibility into the complete “in-store” Path-to-Purchase and helping drive ROI from investments in shopper marketing, category management and store/brand innovation. VideoMining’s client base includes a majority of the top 50 CPG retailers and manufacturers.

VideoMining owns and operates industry’s largest ‘in-store’ panel in partnership with leading Grocery and C-store retailers, tracking 100+ Million trips per month. VM panels are powered by a suite of advanced sensing and artificial intelligence technologies to measure real world, in-context shopper behavior. VM integrates this shopper behavior data with transactions, planograms, loyalty and promotions data providing a 360 degree view of the complete purchasing process.

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