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Physical Retail is Still Alive – VideoMining’s New Website Brings Focus to “In-store” Shopper Analytics

State College, PA, November 4, 2020- Pennsylvania-based “in-store” analytics firm, VideoMining Corporation (VM), unveiled its completely redesigned website on November 4, 2020. The new website showcases how VM’s in-store data and insights can pinpoint shopper friction – a rising concern for CPG manufacturers and retailers due to Covid 19, and a key reason for drop in category and brand sales. Another key feature added to the website is the “Resources” section - a growing knowledge repository which includes case studies, whitepapers, and webinars to promote the concept of Shopper Science.

“The new and revamped website highlights our focus on generating data-driven insights for CPG Retail - delving into shopper’s complete Path-to-Purchase and helping the retail industry continually adapt to the ever-changing shopper-behavior inside the store” says VideoMining CEO and Founder Rajeev Sharma.

The VideoMining website will soon feature an additional free resource “VM Nugget” – with a goal to share unique in-store shopper perspective with the CPG Retail community. These Nuggets will be derived from its popular Shopper Insights Tracker program, which tracks over 100 million store trips monthly and provides actionable data and insights on shopping and purchase behavior. VM had launched the Shopper Insights Tracker program earlier in the year, to help its CPG and retail customers make better informed decisions and rapidly adapt to the changing in-store environment.

Stay tuned.

About VideoMining:

VideoMining (VM) provides in-store shopper behavior data and insights to CPG manufacturers and retailers, creating visibility into the complete “in-store” Path-to-Purchase and helping drive ROI from investments in shopper marketing, category management and store/brand innovation. VideoMining’s client base includes a majority of the top 50 CPG retailers and manufacturers.

VideoMining owns and operates industry’s largest ‘in-store’ panel in partnership with leading Grocery and C-store retailers, tracking 100+ Million trips per month. VM panels are powered by a suite of advanced sensing and artificial intelligence technologies to measure real world, in-context shopper behavior. VM integrates this shopper behavior data with transactions, planograms, loyalty and promotions data providing a 360 degree view of the complete purchasing process.

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