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VideoMining Completes Grocery Front End MegaStudy

Behavioral data reveals a transforming checkout process & shopper engagement with a variety of merchandising

State College, Pa., April 19, 2023 – VideoMining LLC, the leader of in-store behavior analytics for CPG retailers and suppliers, announced the completion of its latest Front End MegaStudy for the grocery channel.

The study involved an in-depth analysis of checkout behavior for over 1.2 billion grocery store trips, leveraging VideoMining’s proprietary AI-based platform and decade-long partnership with retailers through the Grocery Shopper Insights (GSI) Tracker program.

This study was designed to unlock a deeper understanding of Front End shopping behavior in light of the continually-evolving checkout experience, as retailers continue to employ a variety of technologies and layout designs involving different combinations of self-checkout and staffed lanes.

VideoMining’s Grocery Shopper Insights (GSI) Tracker program is composed of top grocery chains in the U.S., and the collective expertise and sophistication of those retailers allows VideoMining to observe and analyze shopper behavior across a wide range of diverse checkout experiences and merchandising strategies. VideoMining’s proprietary technology powered this robust MegaStudy, which isolated and evaluated a multitude of diverse factors that impact Front End shopper behavior and associated category performance.

“The latest MegaStudy reveals a rapidly transforming Front End of grocery stores,” said Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining. “We are seeing an accelerated adoption of self-checkout technologies, along with a wide array of merchandising innovations at the Front End of store, with varying degree of success. This MegaStudy holds crucial behavioral analysis that will empower retailers and CPG suppliers to make smarter choices to design the Front End in a way that will resonate with shoppers and bring growth to our industry.”

“This study illustrates VideoMining’s continued mission to unlock the power of unprovoked and organically observed behavioral data through AI-based shopper science technology and behavioral interpretation,” says Alicia Cleary, Vice President of Marketing & Industry Relations. “This MegaStudy brings the grocery industry closer than ever before to identifying new ways to enhance the checkout experience, grow in-store loyalty, and drive impulse sales through Front End merchandising solutions. We are thrilled to continue to play a role in driving collaboration and mutually beneficial growth for retailers and suppliers in support of the grocery industry.”

About VideoMining, LLC

VideoMining provides in-store shopper behavior data and insights to CPG manufacturers and retailers, creating visibility into the complete in-store path-to-purchase to help drive ROI from investments in shopper marketing, category management and store/brand innovation. VideoMining’s client base includes a majority of the top 50 CPG retailers and manufacturers.

VideoMining owns and operates industry’s largest in-store panel in partnership with leading grocery and convenience store retailers, tracking over 1.5 Billion trips per year. VM panels are powered by its patented sensing and artificial intelligence technologies to measure real world, in-context shopper behavior. VM integrates this shopper behavior data with transactions, planograms, loyalty and promotions data providing a 360 degree view of the complete purchasing process.

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