Track and adapt to ever-changing shopper landscape with on-demand shopper insights.
VideoMining’s (VM) Shopper Insights Tracker program delivers data, trends, and insights on an ongoing basis to help brands seamlessly adapt their strategy for grocery and c-store channels. The solution uses AI and shopper science to collect and interpret real-world data, creating a pathway for brands to receive standardized shopper metrics and insights with weekly granularity.

The Tracker program equips CPG manufacturers with insights to navigate uncertain times and adapts rapidly. Brands can drive marketing and merchandising strategy, innovate 10x faster, and adapt continuously in a world where changing consumer preferences and loyalties are the norm.

Channel specific-insights — leveraging proprietary in-store panels in partnership with leading retailers
Industry's largest in-store shopper panel, in partnership with leading Grocery and C-store retailers Tracks over 1.5 billion Store Trips

Key deliverables

Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard is a Cloud-based interactive tool that tracks key behavior metrics on an ongoing basis. It helps understand the variation in shopper behaviors with Week-over-Week (WoW) and Month-over-Month (MoM) updates. By using the Insights Dashboard, retailers can explore answers to specific questions while considering all external and internal factors that impact shopper behavior.

Insights Reports

Each report contains valuable insights from the in-depth analysis of the shopper behavior from the past quarter, including Quarter-over-Quarter (QoQ) and Year-over-Year (YoY) variations. It provides a detailed presentation of findings and a summary of high priority insights and critical recommendations designed for sharing internally and with partners. The deep dive report is customizable within the context of specific business issues and questions.

Insights Reel

This video highlight reel brings findings to life with carefully curated video clips that illustrate key shopper behaviors and other exciting scenarios. These can be easily downloaded and embedded in presentations for internal use and for sharing insights with partners.

Insights Workshops

The Insights Workshops provides a personalized walkthrough to review underlying data, discuss findings, and deliver maximum value through a hands-on consultative approach.

Monitor in-store behavior trends and adapt effectively to the changing shopper and retail landscape.

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