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Unlock unprecedented growth through the fusion of AI technology and behavioral science

Discover the power of AI-infused behavioral insights with the leading shopper behavioral insights company. Revolutionize your category, retail, and shopper marketing strategies through empirical shopper insights and retail analytics. Leverage shopper behavioral science intel and in-store analytics to turn your retail blind spots into growth spots through a full understanding of the micro-moments that define the retail experience.

Empirical Evidence. Expansive Growth.

We believe human action is the most authentic source of truth, and that the best business decisions are rooted firmly in facts. VideoMining has over a decade of experience bringing shopper behavior insights to light with its science-led approach.

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Ai powered data decoding

AI-Powered Data Capture and Decoding

VideoMining's AI technology decodes in-store stimuli at the SKU level, capturing behaviors every 1/10th of a second during tens of thousands of store trips.

In store observational research

In-Store Observational Research

Unveil shopper behavior with AI sensors, capturing countless influential micro-moments during the in-store experience.

Shopper Behavior Science Analytics

Shopper Behavior Science

Our shopper behavior scientists analyze consumer decisions and in-store behavior factors. With a decade of expertise, VideoMining contextualizes data, unlocking unprecedented insights.

The In-Store Shopping Experience is Comprised of Millions of Micro-Moments

Every glance, every step, every fraction of a second spent deliberating, searching, deciding... holds essential insights that unlock visibility into authentic shopper behaviors.

VideoMining unlocks unprecedented insights into these micro-moments through AI technology fused with behavioral science expertise.

In-Store Data Points Captured
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The strongest insights take into account the big picture

VideoMining further contextualizes shopper behavior by the detailed attributes of the shopper, and examining how every piece of in-store stimulus plays a role in shaping their actions.

The Strongest Insights Take Into Account The Big Picture.

VideoMining further contextualizes shopper behavior through the detailed attributes of the shopper, examining how every piece of in-store stimulus plays a role in shaping their actions.

shopper attributes

The In-Store Environment

Store Design
Location of Product
Store Layout
Category Adjacencies
Store Displays Merchandising
Traffic Flow
Checkout Configuration

Shopper Attributes

Group Dynamics
Time of Day
Trip Mission

Industries We Serve

VideoMining revolutionizes the meaning behind Shopper Science. With a decade-plus of experience across Consumer Packaged Goods and the Retail Channels in which they are sold, VideoMining partners with elite award-winning brands, top retail channels, and innovative disruptors.

Consumer packaged goods
Consumer Packaged goods
Brick and Mortar Retail
Brick-and-mortar retail

Brands We Work With

Our clients range from global icons to industry disruptors and pioneers, leveraging AI-powered insights to shape the future of retail. We're honored to contribute to their ongoing success.

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