Research and shape powerful, winning strategies. Dive deep and gain critical insights into a specific shopper segment.
VideoMining’s (VM) Custom Research solution enables CPG brands to address a specific set of objectives with custom insights. Brands can easily dive deep into segments like shopper demographics, product segments, behaviors by trip missions, or brand strength. This can be done by leveraging behavior data from the VM panel or new data collected from any retail channel.

Custom research can answer pressing marketing questions for brands in segment areas that are not typically covered by standard reports. This enables them to delve further into areas like category subset analysis and cross-shopping and tailor strategies to improve sales and ROI on marketing investments.

Understand specific aspects of any imaginable retail or shopper segment

Shopping Behaviors by Demographic Segment

Understand the differences in shopper behavior at the shelf by demographic segments such as gender, age, ethnicity, and group size.

Product Segment Analysis

Dive deeper into shopper behavior with respect to categories and compare key metrics across product segments, pack sizes, and flavors.

Behaviors by Trip Missions

Uncover shoppers’ shelf behavior for different trip missions and how shoppers are influenced by the trip type.

Brand Strength Analysis

Access brand metrics like the percentage of time shoppers interact with the brand or basket the product at the shelf.

Client Stories
Execute swift and in-depth custom research on a shopper segment anytime, anywhere.

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