VideoMining delivers actionable shopper insights, powering robust category leadership solutions for Tier-1 CPG brands.
To compete successfully in today’s business environment, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies need to innovate 10x faster and adapt continually to the changing retail landscape.

With a wide-ranging impact across multiple functions, VideoMining (VM) solutions capture Big Data on shopper behavior and deliver actionable insights and recommendations
- enabling a data-backed strategy and informed merchandising and marketing investments.


Shopper Insights Tracker

Provides channel-specific shopper and buyer data, packaged insights, and in-store test services to track, test, and optimize marketing and merchandising strategies.

Display Optimization

Helps brands develop and sell-in display strategy through recommendations based on multi-year analysis of display attributes, including locations and adjacencies.

Category Fundamentals

Offers insights and recommendations along the entire path-to-purchase — store, aisle, and at-shelf levels — using metrics benchmarked against relevant categories.

Custom Research

Offers brands custom and deep insights into specific retail or shopper segments such as demographics, product, trip missions, and brand strength.

In-Store Test Service

Combines sensing technologies and an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engine to uncover insights about behaviors and characteristics.

Syndicated Data

Provides periodic data and analysis benchmarked against index categories while complimenting existing buyer data with in-moment shopper insights.

Shopper-to-Buyer-Conversion Rate for CSD fill-in shoppers
VM’s Shopper Insights solutions analyzed Trip Missions for Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) at leading grocery retailers. The test identified key drivers helping brands develop a strategy to meet the needs of fill-in shoppers, boosting conversion, and net brand sales.
CPG Brand Domains

Access a large data sample that includes millions of shopper trips across a nationally-representative panel of stores. Offers fast, cost‑effective access to in-store shopper behavior data and insights, customized to address specific business queries.

Embrace Category Management 2.0 and make advanced analytics an integral part of the business processes. Become a category leader, understand shopper behavior, and optimize assortment and space allocation accordingly.

Identify levers to improve marketing effectiveness, including display performance optimization. Allow brands to track shopper responses and improve ROI.

Evaluate the shopper’s complete path-to-purchase and identify levers to enhance stopping power, engagement, and conversion, boosting category growth, and brand sales.

Influence, measure, and track store activations by using ‘moment of truth’ insights to gauge the brand’s strength and role in the decision process.

Test and verify shopper responses in real stores, to marketing and promotions or changes introduced as part of brand and R&D initiatives.
Get powerful and data driven insights - innovate 10x faster and adapt continually to the changing retail landscape.

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