Innovate rapidly with a robust capability to measure and analyze shopper’s path-to-purchase

Achieve quick results from store innovations with custom lab installs

VideoMining’s (VM) Innovator solution provides retailers with an ‘always available’ test lab facility that’s capable of extracting, validating, and transforming in-store shopper data into actionable insights. The solution can go deeper into specific in-store behaviors while rapidly producing results that have a significant, holistic impact on all innovation processes.


Innovator supports continuous improvement and faster innovation strategy leading to higher ROI in multiple areas

Increase sales per sq. ft. through space optimization

Improve shoppability leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and higher loyalty

Expand basket size with optimal aisle adjacencies and category layouts

Drive sales with optimized display locations backed by quantitative behavior data

Increase the impact of promotions by evaluating the actual impact on in-store behavior

Find answers to improve a broad range of store applications


Optimize store design based on traffic flow and engagement patterns


Uncover optimal display placements based on shopper response.


Test and refine category design, assortment, and other performance drivers.


Gauge the impact of new products as well as changes in pricing and packaging.

Delivering rapid, accurate test results through a comprehensive methodology


Mines data by unobtrusively monitoring in-store shopper behavior from a large number of shopping trips.


Ensures data accuracy and consistency through a series of cleansing and QA activities using advanced data modeling techniques and AI.


Integrates with complementary data, including POS, Loyalty Card, and Planogram.


Benchmarks collected data against indexes and generate standardized metrics to quantify shopper behaviors, including exposure, engagement, and conversion.


Allows rapid in-store testing to assess the effectiveness of the innovation pre and post reset, enabling retailers to track and modify strategies.

Innovate and execute 10x faster — measure and track shopper responses with speed and confidence.

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