Adapt effectively to the changing retail landscape with ongoing visibility into in-store shopper behavior.
VideoMining’s (VM) Tracker program provides retailers with ongoing, actionable data and insights on in-store shopper behavior. The data is collected across a hand-picked set of stores — representative of the retailer’s network — tracking millions of store trips and interpreted to address key retailer questions. The program delivers fact-based insights needed to navigate the anticipated series of ‘new normals’ in the changing shopper and retail landscape.

These insights equip retailers with timely information to continually adapt in-store strategy and make effective improvements, impacting shopper experience, and improving financial performance.

Find answers to improve a broad range of store applications

  • HeatMap Trends
  • Center Store vs Racetrack
  • Department Trends
  • Shifts in Shopper Demographics
  • Checkout Experience
Discover how the overall store traffic and shopping pattern is changing. The tool visualizes the patterns through storewide heatmaps to help retailers understand shifts in ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ areas in the store.
Find answers to questions such as: What are the differences in Center Store performance and Racetrack performance? What are the variations between dayparts and demographics? How is this changing over time?
View the change in the overall shopping pattern and performance for each of the key ‘departments’ in the store. Drill down deeper into the insights for each of the major trip types such as stock up, fill in, and quick trip.
Examining the changes in in-store visitor demographics (e.g. gender, age-range/generation) and group size can play a key role in in-store dynamics. The tool allows retailers to see how the trend is changing in the short-term on a quarterly basis, given the current market dynamics.
The checkout process has always been a major ‘bottleneck’ in preventing a great experience in the grocery shopping trip. Diving into trends such as waiting and checkout times will help in understanding the true opportunities for improving front-end merchandising strategies.

Decode shopper behavior with the right answers

What do heatmaps tell us about overall traffic and shopping patterns in-store?

What is the waiting time at checkout?

What are the key trip missions (classified by the time of day)?

Are the category purchase decisions being made in-store?

What is the overall performance of key departments?

What is the average time spent shopping a category?

How much of the aisles are shopped?

Navigate challenges in retail landscapes with ongoing, fact-based insights into shopper behavior.

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