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VideoMining uses AI and shopper science to collect and interpret real-world shopper data from its in-store panels, creating a pathway for brands to receive standardized shopper metrics and insights

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Quirks Media
Using in-store behavior analytics to bridge the gap between surveys & sales
Endcaps and other secondary product displays are crucial components of the shopping experience. They are the...
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Women and Men Now Grocery Shop Equally: Study
Although tradition has led many to assume women grocery shop more than men, the reality is that both genders...
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VIDEO: VideoMining CEO Featured on Research Business DAILY Report
VideoMining Founder and CEO Rajeev Sharma fills RBDR in about highly significant changes that are taking...
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VideoMining Technology Featured on CNN
CNN covers VideoMining's revolutionary in-store behavior measurement technology, including an interview with...
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Adapting to the New Cherry-Picking Shopper
Brick-and-mortar retailers face two big challenges: competition from the Web, and the homegrown problem that...
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