Timely shopper data across path-to-purchase from the industry’s largest in-store panel
VideoMining’s (VM) in-store shopper data fills in a critical need to understand shopper behaviors along path-to-purchase. It provides CPG manufacturers with shopper data and standardized metrics, benchmarked against select groups of relevant categories. Additionally, brands can access a complementary suite of tools and dashboards to generate customized insights supporting specific business queries.

The ‘in-store’ data quantifies shopper behavior and helps retailers and manufacturers optimize the shopping experience and category performance. This complements their existing buyer data while giving them a definitive edge to their marketing and merchandising strategies.

Captures in-store behavior data with a suite of advanced sensing and AI technologies

Comprehensive dataset across path-to-purchase, powering advanced analytics and insights

Brands can use VM’s range of analytics tools and dashboards to power custom analytics or generate on-demand insights for any imaginable area. The dashboards include:

  • Store Analytics

    • Store traffic
    • Average number of stops
    • Trip duration
    • Basket size
    • Queue length
    • Demographics
  • Aisle Analytics

    • Aisle traffic
    • Exposure rate
    • U-turn rate
    • Dwell time
    • Entry/exit point
  • Shoppability Analytics

    • Category traffic
    • Engagement rate
    • Shoppability index
    • Navigation time
    • Shopping time
    • Sequencing
  • Decision Analytics

    • Category buyers
    • Closure rate
    • At-shelf events
    • Pick-up location
    • Leakage
  • Basket Analytics

    • Brand buyers
    • Share of basket
    • Loyalty
    • Cross-brand purchases
    • Other buyer data

Industry’s largest in-store panel covering grocery and c-store channels

  • Provides advanced tools and dashboards to power insights when needed
  • Updates data each month and offers weekly granularity
Massive dataset
  • Tracks over 700 million shopping trips across grocery and c-store channels
  • Collects longitudinal data over space and time covering a large population
Unbiased and Comprehensive
  • Provides a 360-degree view of shopper behavior — integrates complementary data including POS, Loyalty Card and Planogram
  • Offers multimodal (Vision/WiFi/BT), non-obtrusive observations of real shoppers
  • Quantifies key shopper attributes including demographics, behavioral, and transactional
‘In-store’ shopper behavior data can provide new insights not available from traditional panel or transaction data.

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