Increase sales lift with display planning and optimization. Solve a highly complex problem using Big Data and AI.
VideoMining’s Display Optimization solution leverages advances in computer vision and AI to measure and track display performance across leading retailers and store formats. Going a step beyond, it provides actionable insights and recommendations, leveraging performance data gathered for thousands of display units, and ‘in-store’ behavior data derived from tracking 100s of million shopping trips.

The pairing of categories, display design, location adjacency, and shoppability, when optimized, presents a unique opportunity to significantly improve display sales performance.

Improved display sales performance and marketing investment ROI are the key direct benefits; Also empowers category managers to be equipped with hard data to engage with their retailer counterparts – part of VMs powerful category leadership solution that leads to strong category growth and increased brand sales.

Key Category Display Parameters

Get deeper insights into display exposure, engagement, stop-ability, shop-ability, and conversion to optimize category placement.

Discover optimal locations for specific category displays across shopper’s path-to-purchase — targeting high-traffic areas and optimizing for leakage.

Uncover insights on how relative location impacts display performance, enabling better aisle display strategies that generate incremental sales while avoiding a cannibalizing effect.

Analyze shopper behavior and trip missions with regards to store departments most beneficial for category displays. Map out the best adjacencies with high- traffic, engagement, and closure.

Unlock answers on the number of categories per endcap and display configurations that win or lose the attention of shoppers across the path-to-purchase.

Unlock answers on the number of categories per endcap and display configurations that win or lose
Client Stories
Measure and optimize your organization’s marketing investments and ‘in-store’ displays.

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