Understand in-store shoppers better with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Shopper Science.

VideoMining (VM) has been at the forefront of Shopper Science for over a decade, leveraging advanced sensing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help study and track in-store shopper behavior.

The company currently has active in-store panels across grocery and convenience stores, with full store coverage and custom installs, each of which includes a full network of up to 125 IoT data-capture devices.

Capturing Big Data on in-store behavior

VM’s patented OmniSensR technology combines the strengths of video, WiFi, and Beacon in an IoT architecture to generate Big Data on in-store behavior, powering a wide range of store applications.

Data Extraction and Transformation

Using proprietary trained algorithms, specific shopper data and actions including at-shelf behavior, storewide tracking, demographics, etc. are recorded and measured across the entire path-to-purchase. Aggregating this data over millions of shopping trips reveal storewide traffic patterns and engagement through heat maps.

Intelligent Data Integration

VM integrates the shopper behavior data with other retail data including Point of Sale (POS) basket data, in-store and online surveys, and crucial contextual information like store layouts, planograms, and product mappings to provide a full 360-degree view into the shopper’s journey.

  • In-store shopper journey
  • Store layouts / Planorgrams
  • Product mappings
  • In-store and online surveys
  • Point of Sale (POS)

Prescriptive Analytics

VM’s proprietary Prescriptive Analytics Engine applies advanced shopper science to provide standardized metrics and context to mined shopper data. This enables retailers and brands to access actionable insights, which in turn can shape strategies across CPG and retail functions.

VM’s Patent Portfolio

With over 50 fundamental patents backing their analytics platform and solutions, VM has the largest patent portfolio for in‑store behavior analytics and related retail applications.

Sensing and Integration

  • Multi-Camera Tracking
  • Demographic Recognition
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Emotional Response Measurement
  • Shopper Segmentation
  • Transaction Data Integration
  • Mobile-Video Integration

Analytics and Applications

  • Shopper Response Measurement
  • Consumer Decision Tree
  • Category Performance Analytics
  • Display Rating and Optimization
  • Promotion Impact Measurement
  • Trip Analytics
  • Packaging Effectiveness
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