Case Study

Learn how Sara Lee used Bread endcaps to increase exposure and minimize in-aisle confusion with an aisle redesign and increased signage

Evaluating category organization concepts

Channel: Grocery
Project Scope: Category Deep Dive (Bread); Aisle Dynamics

VideoMining compared Bread category engagement for two different layouts: 'Vendor' based vs 'Type' based, over a multiweek period to uncover the impact of the new layout. Sara Lee’s bread division received external industry acclaim for its work with VideoMining on aisle flow in grocery.


“VideoMining was instrumental in helping Sara Lee catapult into the top 10 for Shopper Insights and Category Management.”

Kyle Reynolds

Director of Category Leadership & Insights; Sara Lee



On average, shoppers spend just 13 minutes on a shopping trip. With such a tight timeline, it is integral for categories to be as easy to shop in order to maximize time


Bread category - research showed that the category converted a higher percentage of shoppers to buyers than any other category in center store—over 70%


Sara Lee was able to implement changes to improve the Bread category’s ability to reach store visitors and, in turn, convert those it reached into buyers

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