Optimizing Display location to power category growth and brand sales


While retailers and manufacturers have proven the positive impact of displays and studied the impact of pricing on buyer behavior, there is a lack of data-driven insights regarding display location.


The assignment of display locations to specific promotions should be data driven. Answering key questions can unlock a ton of value:


  • What is the best location for a given display?
  • What type of display would best fill a given location?
  • What is the ideal combination of all displays across the entire store?
  • What is the monetary value of a specific display location?

Display Performance Metrics


Exposure Rate measures the amount of traffic that passes a particular location relative to total store traffic.


Engagement Rate measures the rate at which passersby take interest in the items at a location,
including visual or physical interaction with the items.


Relative Directional Traffic Flow measures how much of a location’s traffic is moving toward another specific location.

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