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Non-fuel Trips Prop Up C-store Sales

Despite gas prices reaching record heights, the inside sales in convenience stores has held its ground. The...

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Driving Front End Innovation with Insights: Checkout Experience vs Sales vs Costs

Retailers, manufacturers and technology providers have been actively collaborating on various initiatives to...

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C-store heat map

C-stores rebound with rise in fuel traffic and “pump to store” conversions

Coming out of Memorial Day weekend, one thing is clear, Americans are “on the road again”! AAA estimated that...

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Gender and other behavior trends for post-pandemic planning

There was a significant spike in the proportion of men making grocery trips in the early months of the...

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Display playbooks endcaps in-store heat maps grocery

Display Playbooks for driving impulse in today’s store

Grocery store in-store dynamics had been changing even before the pandemic but the changes are much more...

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Front-end display

Unlocking the Front End Sales Potential

There was a 9.7% drop in Front End buyers per 100 grocery store visitors in 2020, per data from VideoMining’s...

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Seven dimensions of changing in-store dynamics

Seven dimensions of changing in-store dynamics

In the current fast evolving omnichannel retail environment, established playbooks for merchandising and...

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Changing Path to Purchase for C Store

How can C-Store sales bounce forward

C-stores have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Dissecting the in-store Path-to-Purchase could provide...

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When will grocery shopping return to normal

Covid-19 has impacted so many different aspects of our lifestyles – eating habits, attitudes to health, food,...

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Canned cocktail with hard seltzer

Should Canned Cocktails and Hard Seltzers be merchandized together?

The exponential growth of Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages like canned cocktails and hard seltzers...

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Category analysis - Digging deeper into sub-category behavior

We extensively leveraged in-store shopper behavior data along multiple dimensions to assess growth...

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Deeper Dive into Shopper’s Mind with Moment of Truth Analysis

In the previous two VM Nuggets, we

  1. Analyzed Path to Purchase metrics for Frozen Breakfast and uncovered...

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Shopper demographics trend reveals clues to fix conversion issues and boost revenue by 15%

In the previous VM Nugget, taking the example of Frozen Breakfast category, we explored how path to purchase...

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