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Non-fuel Trips Prop Up C-store Sales

Despite gas prices reaching record heights, the inside sales in convenience stores has held its ground. The...

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5 ways shopper science is defining the future of retail

We don't know exactly what the future will look like. Retail is already changing rapidly and massively, and...

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Category Shoppability and Closure Rate: Two metrics that matter!

Today’s category management practice relies almost exclusively on sales, loyalty card and household...

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Heatmap trend points to increased shopper confidence

Shopper confidence chasing away c-store blues

The convenience store industry saw a 12-month high in Q2 with an average of 6,193 weekly in-store buyers...

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The birth of 4th alcoholic beverage category

The past few years has seen a significant rise in the popularity of alcoholic beverage segments, together...

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Cold beverages rebound at grocery front end

While some of the Front End categories continue to struggle in 2021, VideoMining Grocery Shopper Insights...

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Shifting shopper behaviors and transforming retailer needs response

The pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of our lifestyles – eating habits, attitudes to...

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Category walkways or in-store shopper leakage is a big opportunity

What category sales numbers don’t tell you is the lost opportunity from shoppers walking away after engaging...

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Pandemic's impact on shopper behaviors

Impact of Pandemic on Category Shopper Behaviors

The pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of our lifestyles – eating habits, attitudes to health,...

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In-Store Testing for Smart Innovation

In-Store Testing for Smart Innovation: Using in-store behavior analytics for rapid evaluation & diagnostics

Today more than ever, both CPGs and retailers are under tremendous pressure to innovate for competing or even...

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Flying blind without In-store Path-to-Purchase data

This may seem like a bold statement given the wide array of data and analytics employed in Category...

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Is your in-store promotion giving you the best financial return

As a CPG manufacturer you breathe a sigh of relief or joy simply to get onto the promotional calendar of...

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Hard seltzers shine in convenience stores

Hard seltzers shine in convenience stores, appealing to new shopper segments, trips.

Hard seltzers had a meteoric growth in c-stores moving from 1.2% share of total alcoholic beverage sales in...

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